Complete Soundtrack available at Brian Cachia Music including Gabriel’s final fall from grace to the hauntingly beautiful ‘Angel Eulogy

Soundtrack and individual tracks also available on iTunes HERE.

Click on a Highlighted word or line below to listen and/or connect.

Composer Brian Cachia has also been kind enough to supply us with previously unreleased tracks, available for free download to visitors of this site. Click the links below to listen and download.

Belial Download

Alleyway Download

The Loft and The Letter Download

Moloch Battle Download

Uriel’s Healing Download

Jade’s Sin Download

Balan Download

We also have available Devils Wings performed by MAX and produced by Brian Cachia and Syd Green.

Devils Wings Download

Sound Designer Sean O’Reilly has generously supplied three atmospheric tracks he created and used in the film. Click a title below to listen.

Outside Uriel’s Bus Download

Inside the Funhouse Download

On the Rooftop Download